What 8 Things Real Estate Pros Say Not to Do With Your Home

What 8 Things Real Estate Pros Say Not to Do With Your Home

What 8 Things Real Estate Pros Say Not to Do With Your HomeHere are 8 things that real estate pros recommend that a person should not do to their homes in order to attract potential buyers.

  1. Choose Wall- to -Wall Carpeting

Carpeting is frowned upon as hardwood floors are the new trend. Also a lot of potential buyers don’t like carpeted floors as they relate them to germs.

  1. Pick Loud Cabinetry

Some real estate agents say that the bolder the color we use for the cabinets the fewer the people like it. A neutral cabinet backdrop also means new accents can change your room’s vibe.

  1. Install Built-Ins

Not everyone wants built-in shelving so be careful with that if you plan to sell your home.

  1. Hang Custom Window Treatments

You may be the one who loves their pricey custom choices but it is better not to waste your money on the windows and use the neutral toned-blinds instead.

  1. Paint Over Paneling

The dark wood panels are no longer in trend so if you have plans to sell your house in the near future it is better to leave the paneling alone. Allow the new home owner to paint the panels in the color they want.

  1. Permanently convert a Bedroom

Every Bedroom is a coveted place that can bump your listing up into the next bracket. So, don’t permanently convert a bedroom into something else.

  1. Add a Pool

Pool is a good choice for luxurious way of living but the people with children don’t find it economical or good for them.

  1. Hang Wallpaper

Potential buyers might not like the wallpaper you’ve chosen. That’s why it is better not hang wallpaper if you know you’ll be selling your house soon enough.

These 8 tips are from pro real estate agents. Following them will allow you to attract more buyers to you home if you happen to sell it sooner or later.

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